Chicken Legs

Mmm man I love chicken. Especially when it is marinated overnight and char-grilled, you just can’t beat it. But, I must confess. There is one part of the chicken I hate. Chicken legs. Now some of you may say, “Samuel are you kidding me? The drumsticks are the best part!” Well, hear me out. I … Continue reading Chicken Legs

Roller Skate Disco

I have a vivid childhood memory of lacing up some roller skates, joining family and friends at the local skate rink to dance and play. It was always a blast to hear the music, old and new, and to have fun with family that I couldn’t have anywhere else. Of course, a lot of that … Continue reading Roller Skate Disco

Ready. Set. Fit.

Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon. Welcome to my blog about health and fitness. I’ve been interested in health and fitness since I played football in high school, and with a family to take care of, it has become even more important. After high school, my training focused mostly on bodybuilding while mixing in … Continue reading Ready. Set. Fit.